The Piano School of New York City (PSNYC) has just begun many new music programs in High Schools all around New York City.

“This is very new to our programming,- says Vera Anselmo, the Director/Founder of PSNYC – we are excited to connect with High School students and bring Music into their lives.”
The only music program in all three high schools, our Piano Class programs serve economically disadvantaged children.
Our new high school program in lower Manhattan school, 30 students have finished their enrollment. Similarly, in Queens, the program has launched in Astoria with another 30 students enrolled. In addition, several high schools in midtown Manhattan are ready to be partnering with the program.
As a Vendor approved by the Department of Education, PSNYC is poised to bring even more music education contingencies to all those who want the opportunity to learn. Based on the number of students we enroll each year, our programs offer the most affordable group piano lessons in the Tri-state area.
Despite the impact of early music education being underestimated by the general consensus of adolescent academia in Public Schools, the long term benefits to children have been numerously documented. Children who learn an instrument have been shown to perform better academically than those who have not had exposure. Cognitive development in terms of; information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, language learning, and aspects relating to a long term skills are all enhanced upon learning to play music. Social benefits from having increased Self-esteem help not only the child but the community around them as well!
About the Piano School of NYC: The Piano School of NYC is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing affordable music education to all throughout the greater New York area. The Piano School brings 17 years of experience and offers private, small group, and Skype lessons as well as in-school programming, and lessons for students with disabilities. The Piano School aims to foster self-esteem and offers early, direct participation in music that might not otherwise take place due to income inequality and insufficient musical instruction in schools. More Information about The Piano School of NYC can be found online at or by contacting or 212- 665-9051.