piano lessons programs

piano lessons new york

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered to 3+ year old children and adults. Students can participate in PSNYC group recitals as well as host individual recitals at home.

Piano for Young Students

Piano for Young Students are group classes offered for 3-5 year olds at pre-schools, nurseries, and Montessori schools. Classes can also take place at students’ homes.

Group Piano Classes

Group Piano Classes are offered as part of after school programs. Classes take place at elementary, middle, and high schools. PSNYC will provide pianos and keyboards if instruments are unavailable.

Music & Movement Classes

Music & Movement Classes are organized at many pre-schools. Children learn in small groups. Activities include singing and moving with the beat of the music and basic note reading.

Mommy, Piano & Me Classes

Mommy, Piano & Me Classes are offered to moms and their 0-18 month old children. Activities include singing nursery rhymes, moving to the beat of the music, and connecting through music.

Songwriting Classes

Songwriting Classes will help 8+ year old children connect with music through their own creation. Activities include basic music theory and ear training, chord progressions, and note reading and writing.