Junior Category I 2:00 PM

First place: Kirana Widha
Second place: Joseph Oziel
Third Place: Emily Daminoff




Junior Category II 3:45 PM

First place: Siri Lin
Second Place: Matthew Brand
Third Place Aydan Ferrao



Senior Category I 5:30 PM

First place: William Woodruff
Second place: Boris Khanikaev
Third Place: Clement Rose
Best Romantic Piece: Ryan Carmody
Best Contemporary Piece: Ayden Nickles


Senior Category II 7:30 PM

First place: Heting Xia
Second Place: Xiaotian Xu
Third Place: Emiliya Lytvynova-Mullerman
Best Classical Piece: Alexandra Wong
Best Romantic Piece: Nicholas Fanara


Young Adult Category 9:30 PM

First Place: Nathan Qi
Second Place and Best Contemporary Piece: Yuan Wang
Third Place: Yue Jia
Best Classical Piece: Jun Zheng
Best Romantic Piece: Li-Han Hu


Congratulations to All participants for your achievements and hard work! AND Thank you for the beautiful performance!