Seoul native Shinok Chung is a jazz singer, pianist, and composer. She specializes in many genres of music, from Korean traditional folk music, to classical, to jazz. In her original compositions, she draws on Korean sensibilities, melding the beauty of the Korean language with jazz harmonics, rhythm, and phrasing. In 2010 she released her debut album, Ocean Lullaby, on the Japanese label Shinseido/Omagatoki, which praised Ms. Chung’s unique vocal style and the beauty of her Korean-language songs. Many publications in Japan lauded the album, describing Ms. Chung’s voice as “pure” and claiming that Ms. Chung is able “to bridge genres, concepts, and cultures” through her abilities as a jazz artist. In 2015, her second album, Shape of the Heart, a blend of Asian philosophy, Taoism, and jazz, also garnered considerable media attention. In Korea, Ms. Chung has taught at many prestigious institutes of higher education, such as Seoul Jazz Academy, Berklee College’s global partner in South Korea, and Hanyang University, among others. She currently resides and performs regularly in New York, where she is preparing to record her third album. Ms. Chung holds a M.A. in musical composition from Dongduk University in Seoul, Korea, and an M.A. in jazz performance from NYU.