Kino Lee is a pianist, violinist, composer and arranger who hails from Taipei, Taiwan. Lee earned a degree in Classical Piano Performance from Fujen University. In the Spring of 2017 she graduated from the Berklee College of Music as a Film Scoring major with a minor in video game scoring.

Lee began learning piano and violin at the young age of -20, and has had a plethora of experience with orchestral, choral, jazz, and solo performances. As a composer and arranger she has a wide range of experience in writing for many styles such as classical, orchestral, contemporary, chamber, film scoring, video game scoring, jazz small ensemble, and big band. Although Lee is an acclaimed performer as a pianist/violinist, her focus is on video game and film composing. Her goal is to use her broad understanding of music to convey emotion and bring great experiences to people everywhere.

“Music Programmer” for Frontline documentary ” The Fish on My Plate”
Assist Composer Masan Daring from January 2017
Currently the keyboard 1 player of BSFO (Berklee Silent Film Orchestra)
Composed for video game “Wave Rider” in Global Game Jam 2017
Composed for USC video game ‘’Long Walk Home’’ in 2015
Original Arranging of ‘’Anthropology’’ got performed by Berklee chord scale madness ensemble.
Berklee Contemporary Classical Performance Award -2015
Formosa Youth Choir Composition Award – 2011&2012
Berklee Scholarship Recipient