Javier Robiou was born in the Dominican Republic on January 10, 1986. He started playing drums at the age of three. Drums found him because his dad was a drummer. He wasn’t a professional, but he always had drums all around the house all the time. Mr. Robiou started studying seriously at age 14 with the master Remy Taveraz. Taveraz pushed Mr. Robiou to being studying classical percussion at the Santo Domingo Conservatory. At this young age Javier was already playing with some of the greatest jazz musicians in Santo Domingo like Gustavo Rodriguez, Guillo Carias, Jacques Martinez Campisi, Esar Simo and many more.

After finishing his early years of school, Javier received a full ride scholarship to study at the University of Miami. He studied jazz performance there for two years, and then decided to transfer to Berklee College of Music. There he finished his four year diploma in jazz performance. At Berklee Javier had the opportunity to be guided by the best teachers on earth, including Skip Hadden, Ralph Peterson Jr, Terry lyne Carrigton, Bob Gullotti, Mitch Haupers, Jon Hazilla, Ari Hoeing, and the man who would become his Mentor and the man who showed him the way of life and music, Mr. Froman.

In Boston Javier started his Jazz Trip, The Underground Oblivion. They played in the Boston area and in the Santo Domingo Jazz festival in the Dominican Republic in 2016.  After finishing his time at Berkley, Javier decided to move to New York City to start a new path and find new adventures.