Ana López-Reyes is a Mexican pianist/keyboardist and composer currently based in Brooklyn. Starting her classical piano education at 7 years old, she then became interested in popular music and the use of keyboards and synthesizers. She has been involved in diverse music projects; from playing keys in different projects, to writing music for chamber ensembles, to producing electronic music. With her solo project Nnux, Ana has performed both in the US and Mexico. Her music has been performed in diverse venues and festivals, including Jordan Hall (Boston) and MUSLAB (Argentina/France/Mexico). Ana is a graduate from the New England Conservatory, where she studied with vocalist Dominique Eade, pianist/ composer Anthony Coleman and composers Katarina Miljkovic and Kati Agocs.

In addition to being an active musician, Ana is involved in music education projects, having worked with both kids and adults teaching piano, keyboards and ensembles.