Are you interested in playing piano but don’t get time for it? We understand it. It is quite challenging to spare time from the fast lane routine and do what you love. There is no age for learning, whether you are a kid or an adult, if you like piano, you must learn it.

For starters, you can listen to the jazz music which is an ideal option for piano lovers. The next thing you need to do is to take the tutorials from the internet and motivate yourself for the same. Once you are sure to learn it systematically, opt for the professional training. If you are situated in New York, then you can attend to the school or take personal piano lessons in NYC at your time and convenience.

Nonetheless, to help you learn piano, we have brought here 5 simple steps to be followed to learn Piano.

1. Get Familiar With The Notes

Are you nervous watching the new letters in front of you? No need. Remember the time when you had learned ABC. It is just another musical ABC. Though you will find it a bit unfamiliar initially, the notes will be the most interesting things to learn. Take the assistance of the internet to learn it. To get it better, take the simple and popular tunes, sing along and keep reading it.

2. Get Familiar With The Piano Keys

The next thing you are supposed to do is to get familiar with the piano keys. The black keys are used to play (#) sharp and flat (b) notes. It appears in the group of two and threes. See the set of five black keys that are in the center of the piano.

The middle C is white key to the left of the black keys in the middle of the piano. Now, place your right thumb on the middle C. Note that immediate left of any set of two black keys is the C in the up and down of the entire length of the piano. Get it well and go with it.

3. Play The Tune

The next thing you are supposed to do is to play the tune. Remember to start from the middle C and then go up and down. You may find it difficult to set your hands on the same but you will have to be patient and keep practicing.

Don’t worry if your initial tunes are not melodious or don’t match the original one, you will get it soon.

4. Try Another Tune

Once you could set the tunes of the first song, its time to try your hands for the other one. Read the notes of the tune and follow the above pattern. Sing the notes along and then execute it on the piano.

5. Tunes At Length

You have learned by now reading and playing the piano. It’s time to take the larger picture. You played specific tunes one by one giving it equal time.

What you need to do now is to synchronize the specific set of tunes and stay on the specific notes for a while to make it melodious. To be synchronized and seamless is an essential quality you need to have while playing the piano.

Concluding Remarks

You have learned the most of it. However, you need to polish your skills through a professional tutor. If you are situated in New York, don’t opt for the Skype sessions or any such tutorials rather take the personal piano lessons in New York to get the maximum out of it.

Ready to set the tone? Give wings to your hobby of piano and let them fly up in the sky.