Our Story

“In the face of a world that gradually values only economic efficiency at the cost of artistic education and knowledge, a project like this is the exact and right thing to do. From the ground up, to keep alive and transmit this beautiful gift that music is where it is most needed.”
Yan Maresz
Honorary Board

The Piano School of New York City is a Nonprofit Organization

Established in 2001 as a community based program, Piano School of New York City (PSNYC), a nonprofit organization,, began offering  music lesson programming in Harlem and the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Inspired by its success,  piano and music classes quickly spread around town to Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Rockland County, and Westchester. PSNYC creates incredible personal growth opportunities for all children and adults through first-class music education.

Our teachers are  passionate and highly-trained musicians based in the New York metropolitan area who  inspire, build confidence, and shape the intellect of children and adults by providing such opportunities as:

  • In-person one-to-one classes in piano performance
  • Online classes in piano performance and music theory
  • After school enrichment arts programs for children
  • Art related classes from affiliates non-profit institutions
  • Master class seminars with popular musicians from all over the world who are enthusiast supporters of PSNYC
  • Music appreciation classes for children with disabilities
  • Music scholarships to children from low-income families
  • Piano lessons for students of all ages
  • Benefit concerts in New York to support the causes that we believe in.